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Color: Teal

  • Dual molded direct impact footbed.
  • Rubber tongues.
  • Directional grooving.

OSFA: Medium – Large

The two-part dual-density construction is ergonomically designed to support, stabilize and cushion the foot during high impact landings. Featuring an ultra-comfortable lower density upper layer with extra cushioning on the lateral (outer) side of your foot, with a denser more supportive impact resistant layer on the medial (inner) side of your foot. This unique design increases the support to the medial side of your foot, which in turn guides your knees outwards during high impact landings. This technology, common in running and athletic shoes, offers the best support and stability while minimizing the chances of fatigue and injury.

The variable angle adjustment strap works in conjunction with the directional grooving to keep your foot firmly in place. This, combined with the adjustable rubber molded tongue, enables the rider to fine-tune the Element to fit their specific foot shape and create the ultimate connection to the board. Put simply, the Element makes your board feel better than ever before.