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Performance freeride & big air.
Explosive power, massive lift & hangtime.
Stable in high winds & easy to fly.

The Airush Lift is all about boosting, hangtime, and taking performance freeride to new heights. Designed for the rider looking for exceptional hangtime, explosive power and stability in the wildest conditions. Ease of use, paired with incredible top end performance, makes the Lift the ultimate big air machine.


  • All new design developed with our big air team. 
  • Optional High-Y configuration for enhanced depower & control. 
  • Five struts for stability in extreme conditions.
  • Unhooked: 25%
  • Hooked: 100%
  • Wave: 25%
  • Foil: 75%
  • Progression: 75%

Tips and Tuning: High Y Conversion Video

The Kite Mag Test