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Flat water, waves or freestyle, you don’t have to choose!

Wing foiling might just be the fastest developing sport in the world at the moment and within just a few short years, it has progressed so much. What was once slowly cruising back and forth, is now flips, spins, riding waves, down winding and racing too, and in everything from light wind to proper stormy conditions. 

Appletrees most versatile wing foil board 

Why choose between flat water, waves or freestyle when you can do it all on one board? The Appleslice Wing V2 is an evolution of Appletrees popular Appleslice model although they have refined the shape quite a bit for version 2. The Slice V2 is primarily designed for both flat water and wave riding but that doesn’t mean you can’t jump and try freestyle tricks with it as it’s actually more than capable of that as well!