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The Contra benefits from years of refinement as the kite that first perfected light wind efficiency. The Contra is an ideal extension to any kite quiver. It performs like a small kite while it delivers the power of a much larger kite. This makes it a performer in any and all kiteboard categories.


Back for 2018, the Cabrinha Contra kite is better than ever. Cabrinha’s new high tenacity Dacron increases the arc stability of the kite. Whether you’re a big guy that needs a big kite or a flyweight wanting to kite in light-winds, the Contra has you covered. The Contra is the favorite kite amongst light-wind enthusiasts for its insane low-end power, its fast and light handling, and its unbeatable light-wind re-launching capabilities. The Contra has enough turning speed to work well in surf and has great hang time too. Many light-wind kites will get you out on the water but the Contra will let you actually rip it up! Perfect for any rider that wants to extend their game into the light wind arena with a responsive, light wind kite.


3 Strut, Hybrid design, Sleek Wing tips, Draft forward profile