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The Deluxe SUP kit Come with everything you need to secure your whole Stand up paddle set up. The same Kit as our Surf and SUP Security System, but with the addition of our Paddle lock to secure your expensive one-piece paddle. Now you can lock all of your equipment together in one place. 

  • PATENTED ANTI-THEFT SECURITY. The DocksLocks Jaws Lock is a patented locking device designed to protect SUP Paddleboards and Surfboards from theft. Don’t make it easy for thieves to steal your surfboard or paddle board while you are away.
  • WEATHERPROOF MATERIALS. Constructed of high quality marine grade stainless steel. Additionally, the Jaws is encased in a plastic nylon housing and the 10ft coiled cable is vinyl coated to provide protection against the elements. Paddle Lock is constructed of anodized aluminum.
  • STRONG AND SECURE. Secure your board to any stationary object: a car roof rack, park bench, bike rack, tree, dock piling and more.
  • VERSATILE AND EASY TO USE. The Jaws Lock is the only lock that can attach to either a board's leash plug OR fin box (when attached to an installed DocksLocks Fin Box cleat). Lock multiple boards together with a single cable (requires one Jaws lock per board). Functions as a surfboard lock and paddle board lock. For optimal security, attach the Jaws to an installed DocksLocks Fin Box cleat.

Comes with

  • (1) DocksLocks® Jaws
  • (1) 10ft Stainless Steel, Coated DocksLocks® Cable with re-settable combination. 
  • (1) Fin Box Cleat for use in Fin Track. Fits most single fin boxes and is secured using a one way tensioner screw
  • (1) Paddle Lock - works on most size diameter one-piece paddles