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The innovative Kingpin has earned its stripes as the performance standard in PinTech AT binding technology. With DIN/ISO 13992:2007 certification from Germany’s prestigious TÜV testing organization, the Kingpin’s unique toe and heel pieces are the culmination of years of R&D testing. Ease of use, DIN/ISO certified release function, and best of all, great power transmission while on the descent mean that you can have a perfect day in the backcountry on the Kingpin. Apart from these benefits this binding offers tremendous walking and step-in comfort with individually adjustable stop points, wide drill pattern, 6-pack Power Springs on front and XXL Power Transmitter for impressive power transfer and climbing aids from 0° to 13°.


Weight: 650 g w/o brake | 730 g w/ brake

Size: 75-100 mm | 100-125 mm

Din/ISO Range: 5.0 - 10.0

Recom. Skier's Weight: 30 - 105 kg

Stand height w/o ski: 21 mm / 25 mm

Toe System: Kingpin Pintech Toe

Step-in Heel: Kingpin Heel


  • Double Safety Release Function
  • 0°/7°/13° Climbing Aids
  • Kingpin Heel
  • Kingpin Toe
  • Crampon Pintech
  • Power Transmitter