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Sean O’Brien has been killing it on the Paradigm over the past few seasons, but after learning about our new technologies and materials, Sean and O’Brien collectively decided it was time for a new deck. As a result, Sean worked hand in hand with legendary shaper Chris Johnson to create the S.O.B. With a soft, refined flex pattern the S.O.B is a pure park performer. However, taken out of it’s park element and faced with a boat wake, the soft flex pattern stores energy, explodes off the wake, and it’s flex dissipates energy upon landing, allowing less abuse on your body and longer sets. Sure a beginner will be able to turn laps on the board but the S.O.B. was designed for maximum performance under advanced and pro riders. The subtle contouring along the rails helps hold an edge upon approach, and the tip and tail channels help the rider effortlessly lock into nose and tail presses.

Key Features of O'Brien SOB Wakeboard
  • DuraRail
  • Impact Base
  • Fusion Core
  • 6mm Inserts
  • Flex Technology
  • Progressive Rocker