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For women who like to ski hard in all conditions, Z10 Ti W is an ideal blend of precise transmission and lightweight titanium components. Ski fast with confidence everywhere on the mountain.



Titanium components help reduce the weight and skier fatigue.


A Low Profile Chassis allows for the binding to be close to the ski platform, improving snow feel and terrain feedback.

Automatic toe

No adjustment required for optimal toe-piece performance.


Norm: Alpine

Practice: Piste

Weight (in g / 1/2 pair): 857

Adjustement range (US sizes): 3.5

Adjustment range (mm): 28

Din Scale: 3-10

Height: 16.5


RENTAL FEATURES: Automatic Toe Height adjustment

Elastic toe base allowing automatic toe height adjustment with new and worn boot soles.


Super rigid, non-deforming material that meets racers’ expectations in terms of power and precision.

TOE: Z Toe

PRECISION XL wings for a great enveloping of the boots. RIGIDITY Vertical metal axes solidly linking the wings to the body and base of the toe. POWER TRANSMISSION Wide pedal for a greater contact zone with the boots.

Wide Toe Pedal (50>60mm

Guaranteed power transmission thanks to a wide pedal that allows a great contact zone with the boot.

XL Wings

Long wings that envelop the tip of the boot perfectly in order to provide increased power transmission and confidence in freeride bindings.

Low profile Chassis

Low stand height for increased terrain feedback and enhanced power transmission.

Sliding Toe pedal

A specific pedal mounted on a spring that allows lateral movements and re-centering. It allows any normed boot (including full rubber soles) to release out of the binding in case of a lateral fall.


A light material that allows us to decrease the weight of a binding by 20% without compromising its performance and durability.

Automatic Wing adjustment

No handling but automatic adjustment by step-in so you can trust your binding!

Metal Vertical Axis

Solidly links the wings to the body and base of the toe, for high rigidity.




Binding tested and certified by the TÜV safety monitoring agency, the reference entity for safety certification.