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The Devil-ray is newest Stinger Foil in our line-up, designed with versatility in mind.

The larger surface area front wing with the thinner profile make this Devil-ray lives up to is name. “Fast down the line yet agile”, “turnings super easy”, “you’ve really nailed this one”, is what or testers have been saying.

Who’s the Devil-ray for ?

The Devil-ray will work for WakeSurf, Prone, SUP, Wind Wing, Pump and up to 25 mph when Wind Surfing, yes multi use…
The 4 bolt mast base, fuselage, and mast are all made using 6160 aluminum. 

Wing Features:

With the front Devil-ray wing (D-82) being thinner you can go down the line faster, so too help aid in direction when ripping, we turned down the outer wing tips to give you that carved edge feel & directional stability, so you won’t wash out sliding through a turn at speed. The rear wing (D-44) has turned up wing tips to allow you to turn easier, at lower speeds and directional stability at high speeds.

Mast Length: