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The MGC1 stands out with its perfect blend of performance, durability and style. Utilizing the best materials available, Trinsic CE-Tech equipped lenses provide industry leading contrast and depth perception allowing you to see more and react faster. Their CP built-in Anti-Fog technology is ultra durable while achieving outstanding optical clarity. The medium fit frame offers great comfort and an amazingly wide field of vision while the Fast-Tech magnetic lens system delivers great lens retention and allow you to swap lenses faster and hit the slopes sooner. Don't ever let your goggles hold you back again! This premium combo comes with the GlacierHD lens at 16%VLT ideal for sunny days while the ZirconHD at 46%VLT makes you forget you wear a goggles while giving you HD like vision in low light conditions.

  • CE-Tech contrast enhancing technology
  • HD cylindrical impact resistant double-layers lens
  • CP built-in Anti-Fog
  • TPU Flexible Frame
  • Fast-Tech magnetic lens attachment system
  • Vented frame
  • Neapolitan triple-layers face foam
  • 45mm wide Jacquard strap
  • Silicon gripper