Making waves: We Celebrate 40 years!

Making waves: We Celebrate 40 years!

I can still remember my first pair of ski’s—skinny little planks with roosters on the tips. They took me on many childhood adventures with my pals, helping exemplify the feeling of freedom.

As I got older, it was snowboarding and waterskiing, and now kiteboarding. These sports have become a way of life that I think many of us can relate to. It’s not so much about physicality so much as the autonomy, aliveness and community that these sports bring.

Creating 40 years of memories

Since its inception, North Shore Ski and Board, with its beyond friendly staff and cutting-edge gear, has become North Shore’s favourite shop.

Carrying everything from kiteboarding gear to backcountry skis, slalom waterkis and SUP’s; as well as an extensive beach apparel and women’s clothing selection makes the shop very unique. The real x-factor that has carried them through the years isn’t their products though, it’s that they embody the importance of community and they have a heartfelt desire to guide customers to the right adventure gear.

“Making it to 40 is a big success in this type of business.” say’s shop owner, Vince Allen. “After four decades, we’re excited to not only be alive, but thriving. Times have changed, products have changed, but the essence of what we’re trying to do has always endured.”

“I remember when I took ownership of the shop, we would drive down to the Oregon Gorge on Friday night, windsurf all weekend, and drive home seven hours late Sunday, and back to work Monday. Nowadays, I work 4 months straight through the summer, so I can spend the spring in LaVentana kitefoiling and testing new kites and gear. In the winter it used to be endless Blackcomb days skiing and Merlin’s apres with my brother and friends. These days I wait, watch the weather, and pick the perfect mid-week day of groomers or fresh pow. I take it a little easier on the old body, with my heated socks and gloves.”

After 40 years, it’s really about living and breathing the products and the lifestyle. North Shore Ski & Board has ridden the wave of time because they can relate; to your enthusiastic ski weekend adventure, 12 year old wakeboard phenom, or that perplexed look on your face when you don’t even know where to begin shopping for ski touring gear. They’ve been there.

North Shore Ski & Board would like to invite you to celebrate 40 years at the shop sale March 20–30th. 20% off most items and up to 40% off clearance items.